Not that you’re wondering or care, but I have never self-referred to my thoughts page as a “blog”. The reason at first was because when me and my friends starting doing this, back in the Netscape days, there was no term for what we were doing, so we just called them “thought pages”. SN. It’s weird who this page addresses. The audience of this page for the longest time consisted of people who already knew about these being thought pages, and it’s kind of odd how I’m adjusting things. Guess it’s just a reflection of life moving on.

Anyway yeah, we called it thought pages, and then Dave started doing shorter thought snippets, which we all called short thoughts. And that’s what I’ve called it to this day.

For some reason, I’ve been stubborn about not calling it a blog, and upon reflection, I have no idea why. I think on some level I felt like since this existed before the term did, I resented that I needed to conform to someone else’s term, if that makes any sense at all. Probably not. But there’s a similar effect going on with why I have never used “fix” for FiCS. I was there in the beginning, and we didn’t call it “fix”, so I will not conform and use a term I didn’t have a say in. Makes no sense.

In the end, it’s pride, and at this point – when blog is such a commonly accepted term, and in no way “cool” – more than a little ridiculous. And pride is not good. So that ends today. I’m changing the URL of this page to Actually, this coincides with a transition to mysql and php. The old URL will still exist as a plain file backup store, but the new setup should help make things easier to manage on the backend and more flexible on the frontend. No one has any idea what I’m talking about. And – dare I say it – no one cares.