I find it hilarious that Gus still reads this page. What’s the appeal? We have virtually nothing in common, especially now that he apparently hates Christians. I’m a straight married Asian engineer. Zero lines of intersection. But whatever.

Anyway, he’s the one who made the ridiculous statement that Hitler’s primary supporters were evangelical Christians. Look, there are plenty of legitimate ways to slam Christians. But that was so blatantly inaccurate it infuriated me. Nazism was a neo-Pagan movement. Christians comprised a great deal of the opposition to it. And in fact, the Nazis were fundamentally opposed to Christianity. This doesn’t get a lot of publicity, but they actually planned to destroy Christianity after eliminating the Jews. Here’s a UPI story on that.

Anyway, I finished that history of Christian theology book and it mentions something odd. Christians are (rightly) criticized for supporting slavery (although again, to be balanced, Christians led the abolitionist movements as well). The weird thing is, though they supported slavery, a huge number of slaves became Christians. Isn’t that interesting? If the only Christians they saw were harsh slavemasters, what about that would attract a slave? God works in mysterious ways.