Means and ends.

I think I’m gradually learning the relative importance of means and ends in certain areas in life. Or rather, when the means should be the ends, and when they shouldn’t. Like, in regards to spiritual life, pretty much everything I’m reading reinforces the idea that the whole point of the Christian walk is the process. How we walk with God, what our relationship is like; all that stuff isn’t just a means to a greater goal – it is the goal. I’m not a particularly goal oriented person, but that’s still a challenging idea to me. Maybe because the world associates success so much with accomplishment rather than process. I dunno. But yeah, what we accomplish for God is not as important as how we do.

Conversely, my dad wrote something interesting recently related to health. A lot of people are obsessed with health, with long life. Thing is, what’s the point of that? Being healthy and living long is meaningless unless we have something to be healthy and live long for. Too many people have made their health an end, rather than a means.

So. I wish this freaking heartburn would go away, but even if it doesn’t, no big whoop, because health is only important as it allows us to do God’s work, and I don’t think it’s interfering with me doing God’s work.