Why I blog.

So Hanah thinks I’m mean on my page. Others have said that the tone of my page has gotten nicer through the years. Both are true. I’m ornery, but I’ve gotten less so on this page as time has passed. And here’s my bold claim – I need to be meaner on my page. Why? Because that’s who I am. Sad to say, but true.

I have no idea why other people blog. But why I and some friends started doing it way back when is because we were socially awkward in varying degrees and generally reserved in public. Blogging kind of provided a way for us to express our thoughts in a way we couldn’t (or wouldn’t) in normal social interaction. I think that’s colored the way some of us view blogs in a way that’s inaccurate now. Like Dave still thinks blogs are just for socially inept people, the way it was for us, but that’s clearly not true anymore. Everyone does it. Some people even think it’s “cool”.

So the point of my page was and is a way to express what I really think. Not to keep in touch, not to chronicle what’s going on, not to be “encouraging.” But to say what I really think, because I think I need that. And if what I think is mean, well then I need to be mean.

Not that I don’t want to be encouraging. I do. It’s just not the main point of this page. And at any rate, I’ve always believed it’s most encouraging when people are honest about how they really are while sincerely seeking after God and his tranforming power. Either of those alone suck, I think. The former by itself is just selfish narcissism, the latter is empty Christianese. I’m all about, show the warts, but show the pursuit for more also. I dunno.