Interesting. So I’m experimenting with this new subscription model of music that RealRhapsody, Napster, and some others are doing. Not sure how familiar you are with it, but the way it works is, you pay a monthly (or annual) subscription fee, and you get unlimited downloads of any/all the music in their library. You can play it on your computer or (for some) on any portable music device that supports their DRM schemes. So instead for each song individually, you pay a subscription fee and get access to every song they have. The catch is, when your subscription ends, you can’t play any of the songs you’ve downloaded anymore.

It’s an interesting idea, and I think it’s a cool model. It’s cool being able to search for music and be able to hear anything you want. I’ve been looking for different recorded versions of Holy Is The Lord by Chris Tomlin. I’ve found 4 so far: the album version, one from Oneday 03, one from Passion 05, and a kids version. I think I like the Passion 05 one best, mostly because his voice is seriously offkey in places. Raw.