I was at Albertson’s last night buying some Rice Krispies. So they come in 13.5 oz and 16 oz boxes. Here’s the thing that makes no sense. The regular price of the 13.5 oz box is more than the regular price of the 16 oz box. Huh? On top of that, they had a buy one get one free thing going on for only the 16 oz box. So the price of a 16 oz box of Rice Krispies is less than half that of a 13.5 oz box. That makes no sense whatsoever.

It also made no sense to me how for a while both Whoppers and Whopper Jrs were $0.99. Huh?

Not that anyone cares, but I rather like the Albertson’s on Fair Oaks and El Camino. They have a reading table. It’s a nice way to catch up on Us Weekly, a terrible, trashy, evil magazine that I’m inexplicably drawn to like flies are drawn to poop.

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