I’m against towels and bathroom soaps that are used purely for decoration. I just don’t get this. If you want to decorate the bathroom, put up a picture or art or candles or whatever. But why have towels and soaps, things that were created to be used, for not using? Is there such thing as a decorative toilet brush? Decorative kleenex? Cuckoo.

Then again, I have a bunch of unopened DVDs which serve no purpose other than to take up space. This habit was reinforced by byue and jkwan. In the past we’d get all excited about great deals on DVDs and pounce on them. I think we all found that we have more time available for finding deals than actually watching movies. But I still buy DVDs for the purpose of piling up around the TV, unopened.

I like to think that they serve a decorative purpose, and it’s my way of fighting on behalf of the male race against all the useless towels and soaps in the world.

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