Maybe it’s just me, but I really liked Dave and Andrew’s recent entries. Perhaps Calgary is the catalyst of interesting thoughts.

I read some more about the filibuster thing and maybe Dobson isn’t crazy. Here’s the thing. Since the founding of the U.S., a filibuster has been used for a judicial nominee only once, 37 years ago, and I won’t get into details but it was markedly different than the situation now. In other words, the filibuster has essentially never been used in the history of the U.S. for judicial nominees. That gives me a slightly different perspective.

I fully realize that my blog is mind-numbingly boring. Number of reasons for that. One, lack of time. Two, lack of interest. And other things. Someone told me recently that they were surprised by my blog, that they had no idea that I was actually interesting. They didn’t quite mean it like that, but I thought it was hilarious. I’m gonna prove them wrong. Show that I am just as boring on this page as I am in real life.