I feel like I’ve been too busy recently to even think, which sucks, because I feel most alive when I’m thinking. But that’s life, I guess.

Just one quick Star Wars note. Kind of a spoiler I guess, but not really.

There is such thing as too much of a good thing. In the case of the Star Wars movies, with light sabers. The first trilogy used them sparingly enough that when they did come out, they were cool. By the end of Episode III, light sabers are just whatever. They’re so prevalent that it loses it’s charm, it’s wow factor, and it becomes just another thing. Maybe that’s the point. But me, I like the mystique better.

I think Scott had a similar criticism of the Matrix sequels, that one big thing about the first ones was that you had this feeling of “oh crap” anytime the agents were around. By the third movie, they’d been fighting them so much it was just like, eh, agents, whatever. And it’s true. The fights with them were so frequent it started feeling casual. Same thing with the light sabers.

So yeah, I think I like it better when movies hold off on using too much of the cool stuff, to add mystery and aura to it. But that’s just me.

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