Sophia says I should blog about my corn on the cob eating, so I will, but indirectly so it’s just slightly less boring.

What she noticed is that I eat my corn extremely cleanly. What I do is eat out a row of kernels. Then I work my way down one row at a time, picking each row of kernels cleanly off the cob. So I pretty much get off all the corn that’s possible to get.

Anyway, every time I eat corn on the cob, I relish it. Reason is, in my childhood, I had braces for 5 years. Including neckgear, which I was (understandably, I think. It’s traumatic) totally lazy about wearing. In fact, I don’t think I ever finished my cycle, it’s more my orthodontist got sick of seeing me after 5 years and just gave up. Anyway, during those 5 years, I couldn’t eat certain foods, including whole apples and corn on the cob, else the braces might pop off. And that sucked.

So yeah, to this day, when I eat corn on the cob, I remember those years when those foods were impossible for me to eat, and it gives me an extra bit of enjoyment. It’s weird. 5 years is just 1/6 of my life, but for some reason, things that happen to me in formative years stick with me for a long time.

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