How important in life is planning?

A friend wrote something interesting recently equating “success” in life to good strategy in Settlers. His claim being that the key to success in Settlers is picking a strategy and sticking with it. People who constantly deviate from a plan never win. Victory requires a purposeful plan and deliberate sticking to that plan.

I kind of disagreed. I think slavish devotion to a predetermined plan spells disaster in Settlers. You should definitely plot a course of action, but you need to be flexible enough to adjust it according to what happens during the game or you won’t win. That, I think, is the better strategy.

But regardless, how applicable is either to life? And what’s the relative importance of planning? I ask because the theme of My Utmost a week ago was how we should not worry about our daily sustenance but just seek the Lord first. I’ve heard that many times before, but for some reason, this time I’ve been chewing on it a lot. We shouldn’t worry about even our daily sustenance. So how much less should we worry about our careers and future and all that? It says don’t worry, not don’t plan, and there is a difference, but they do often go together; people worry without a plan, and when plans don’t pan out, people worry. So maybe planning too much is wrong.

I dunno. My nature is to not plan. It drives certain people in my life crazy, and maybe I’m just making excuses for my natural behavior. Anyway, just stuff I’m chewing on.

SN. I’ve been on a pretty good Settlers winning streak lately. Go me.

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