I’ve been thinking about my last mymind and realized that no one really cares about the Philosophical stuff I find so interesting. But I don’t care, because this is my mind, not yours. At any rate, one response to what might be said is that while both world views are paradoxical, the non-Christian rejects Christianity because it embraces the paradox. The worldly philosopher recognizes the paradox, but attempts to deal with it, rather than just accepting it.

I think this is another reasonable view, except it is untrue, and modern philosophy, particularly epistemology, I don’t think does this. I won’t go into detail, but if the worldly philosopher really tried to avoid all paradox he would be forced to be a fundamental skeptic, and there are very very few of these.

Anyway, I never went to a rich boarding school so my experience is on a somewhat lower level, but there are some things I have noticed. I think that middle class individuals (not upper middle, but really middle) spend less on clothes than the lower class. Is that a bold claim? I don’t know. In junior high, the people wearing the nicest clothes were more often the poorer ones. It was odd.

I’m not sure about Henry’s theory about (a) and (b) dressing behavior, but I do know people from Rice, and one observation I heard was that Rice is a place filled with middle class people trying to make it to the upper class. For that reason, there’s a lot of driven people there. My claim is that you can tell a lot of times, although not with 100% accuracy, who is most driven based on the clothes they wear. Why am I saying this. I don’t know.

It is a bold claim to say that your girl friendships have not caused problems and will not cause problems in the future. Very bold, indeed. And my opinion is that the main reason you were able to reach this point is because you had a girlfriend already. Otherwise, you would not have been able to reach this point without tension, and if hypothetically you broke up (which you won’t) I don’t think they would be so problem-free. Just an opinion. That happens to be true.

I saw Titanic again yesterday. With George. At any rate, I think I’ve come to believe certain things about the movie. I think basically everyone realizes that the jewel, the Heart Of The Ocean, is essentially completely unnecessary for the movie. But there’s a term, I think Hitchcock used it, and I don’t know what it is, but it’s basically a useless tool whose purpose is just to allow something to happen in the movie. Anyway, the whole present day stuff, it’s basically useless but nevetheless necessary in the story. Anyway, it’s necessary to connect the event to the present, even though the present day stuff serves no really useful narrative role.

Anyway, I just need to say never watch a movie with Dave Hong because either you will kill him or you will get bloodied up when the people who sat around you in the theater kill him. Because he cannot help but make audible comments, which are usually cynical, thereby ruining the movie for everyone within earshot. Luckily I had seen it before and am stronger than David’s cynicism, but it’s still bad.

At any rate, the 3rd time around I kept thinking about Dave’s stupid comments, but I was able to overcome with a healthy suspension of disbelief. Yeah, Dave, maybe the computer graphics are obvious, but it’s necessary to convey the size of Titanic. Anyway, enough of my bitterness with Dave.

So the love story, ok, it’s a little cheesy, with some poor lines, and trite, but I still think it was necessary to set up the last hour. Because it wouldn’t be enough to have a documentary about the sinking, but it’s necessary to show that it involved real people, so you have to focus on just one particular relationship. Maybe the love part could have been done better, but it’s necessary for the last part. I think.

Anyway, I still like the movie, except no one should watch this movie for the first time with a female. Because it makes you want to have a girlfriend. Comfortable.

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