I learned in Philosophy that there’s a complete turnover in the cells of the body every 7 years or so. Meaning, the physical stuff you’re made of is completely different from what it was made of 7 years ago. Cells died and new cells took their place. There are some interesting implications of this philosophically, especially if you’re a physicalist, as to what it means to be a person.

Anyway, when Jieun was talking with Dave I was advising her to pretty much ignore everything he’s saying, because his ideas are like that – he has a complete turnover every six months or so. I’m talking extreme, manic changes in opinion. Don’t take my word for it – read his web page.

So we were trying to imagine how his kids are going to turn out. I can imagine talking to his kids when they’re grown and asking them what their childhood was like. They’d probably say something like, “It was really weird. For six months all we did was speak Korean. Then all of a sudden, we weren’t allowed to speak Korean at all. We’d speak Korean like we had the past six months and dad would reprimand us and ask why we were speaking Korean and then spank us. Another six months we only spoke Swahili. Then another six months we were only allowed to communicate through mime. It was very odd.”

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