Keith’s worship of Dave is some of the funniest stuffs I’ve ever seen. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I think the obvious phrase that Dave said that Keith thought was so amazing was that “these next few years are really important.” Pretty deep.

Anyway, one of the funniest times last week was when Keith was talking to Cathy, one of Dave’s friends from high school. Keith was explaining to her how sensitive Dave was and every time he’d say something she would double over in laughter. It was hilarious. A direct quote of Cathy: “I don’t know where you’re living but it’s not reality. You’ve been watching too much anime.”

Anyway, I was talking to Chris, a friend of Dave and Cathy from high school, at the wedding and relating Cathy and Keith’s conversation. The funny thing was, I didn’t get to finish, because as soon as I said how Keith told Cathy that Dave was so sensitive, Chris doubled over in laughter.

Funny stuffs. It was tight.

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