Dave you idiot, the reason I think I need to get to sleep earlier is because I’m more productive when I do. Of course, I’m writing this at 4 AM.

Frosh year Dave would fall asleep every single week in service, without fail. The thing was, it was very visible – you’d have the typical head nodding. I played a little game with myself to see how long he could last before nodding off. Average – 7 minutes into the sermon. That’s my claim.

Here’s something I don’t quite understand. Some people, who were taught Korean growing up, they say they’re grateful for the experience of truly knowing the Korean culture. But then, in their lives, they pretty much reject the Korean culture. Meaning, they get angry at the way Korea/Koreans are, they don’t want to be a part of a Korean church, other stuff like that. More so than say, people like me who wasn’t immersed in the language. If that experience was such a good thing, why the backlash?

My theory is this, and it’s just a theory. But I think there’s sometimes more bitterness and backlash because them being forced to learn Korean was at odds with the rest of their childhood experience. So it heightened the dissonance between their parents ways and their own, if that makes any sense.

Anyway, sadly, I’m with Dave on this one. You can’t force things or it will just make children bitter and backlash against their parents or it simply won’t work.

The reason Dave couldn’t see me was because I was hiding behind the overhead screen. This is going to sound terrible but the reason I do this is, when we’re playing badly instinctively I need to hide and the screen provides safe cover. The worse we play, the more I move behind the screen so less and less people can see me. It’s a bad habit but I think less distracting for the congregation than seeing bewildered looks of confusion up there.

Me and Jieun had dinner with Henry and Lorraine Tuesday night.

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