Finally caught up on the last two weeks of Survivor.

I love this show. I dunno, I just think it’s the most interesting, unpredictable thing on TV and it absolutely fascinates me.

So what I find interesting right now is that one tribe seems to be stronger, but the other tribe is more unified. That doesn’t really make sense at all.

Anyway, I absolutely hate Samburu. They’re just all a bunch of punks. Let me start with Linda, the strangest woman in the world. She keeps going on about the gods and goddesses in Africa and all this spiritual weirdo mumbo jumbo. A complete nut.

But not only that, I just don’t like her. Like, she said at tribal council how they’re supposed to be a team, but the young’ens only made necklaces for the youngest 4. Where’s her necklace, she asks.

How completely hypocritical. She, along with the other 3 old people, were the ones who schemed from the very beginning to completely alienate the younger members of the tribe. They weren’t even shy about it. They were in fact pretty rude about it. And she’s the one that’s complaining about not being a team? What a flaming hypocrite. Argh, anger.

Speaking of which, the older 4 were complete idiots. It’s a good idea to form alliances, but a really bad idea to alienate people – that’s the very last thing you want to do. You want to form consensus, not division. Last time, the first votes of each tribe were pretty much unanimous, and that’s the way it should be. But instead of reaching out, they alienated people, causing a backlash which ultimately bit them in the butt. I’m glad it happened, because they were such punks. They deserve to get picked off.

Not that the younger ones are much better. They’re a bunch of lazy bums. I dunno, that age split was really interesting to me, because there’s truth to it. The older ones are hard working and industrious, the young ones are totally lazy. The guy voted off said something about how he’s worried about that generation. I actually think there’s truth to that. Our generation is pretty much totally lazy, just being raised in a time of relative luxury and privilege. I dunno, I think it’s true.

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