I think I’ll rebut Drew later. I’m glad he responded because I think I realized I needed to clarify anyway. But yeah, he basically represents the position that I 100% disagree with. In essence, I think the problem is that it’s idealistic to a fault.

But yeah, that will come later. What I would say now though is take Perspectives. Or if you’ve taken Perspectives, reread your notes. Because I think the conclusions they reach about how to best reach people is similar to what I’m saying in regards to the Asian-American church. And given that it’s a conclusion reached by people who are “experts” in the gospel and evangelism, with all its theological and practical implications, based on lifetimes of empirical experience, I think my position is strongly defensible.

And I think there’s a reason why the talk was given at Urbana. Did I mention that guy who said everything I wrote about, Ken Fong, was the main Bible teacher at the most recent Urbana, the one that so heavily emphasized racial reconciliation? Point being, it would seem his ideas work with the idea of racial reconciliation. Obviously, I think multi-racial churches are great. But to say there’s no place for something like Asian-American churches… I think there are too many experienced and knowledgeable people who say otherwise for that to be true. But I’ll be more specific later.

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