Andy, we got trick or treaters for the first time also! They pulled the classic “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat.” Good times. We asked if we had to give them a treat. Their response: “No, if you chose trick we were supposed to TP your door.” Delightful.

Anyway, I love being an engineer because we’re all so socially awkward. Just, we’re generally awkward to begin with, then add the cultural stuff in there, with people being from China, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, India, etc. I dunno, I just find it hilarious. So we had this contest at work so some of us dressed up. Anyway, with the engineers, you have the few normal ones who are fine, some who get so into character it’s a little unsettling, and the rest of us being our same shy, introverted, quiet selves, except wearing ridiculous outfits. I dunno, it’s just funny to me.

Another interesting thing to me is how kids are a big equalizer at work. Meaning, I dunno, all these distinctions disappear when the kids come. Doesn’t matter if their parents are senior execs or the randomest scrubs at work; if their kids are the right age, they play together, and as parents, everyone’s on the same level. I dunno, maybe there’s something hopeful and inspiring about that. But yeah, it’s interesting.

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