I just watched the first two episodes of Iron Chef America but I actually liked it. I dunno, I just like cooking I think. It’s nowhere near as good as the original. Chairman Kaga and his theatrics are vital. They’ve relegated the Chairman to a background role, he doesn’t even have a name. There’s no announcer to add interplay with the food “expert” so it’s not as conversational. Very little interaction with judges.

The part I like least is the floor guy. He makes huge mistakes that show he knows nothing about food. Like when Alton corrects him on the pronunciation of basil. And he’s such a bad interviewer it’s comical. Here’s an interview he does with Morimoto, in its entirety:

    • Floor guy: Chef Morimoto, are you happy?
  •  Morimoto: YES!
  •  Floor guy: Congratulations, thank you very much.

Compelling. But yeah, I still liked the cooking. I dunno.

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