Here’s a difference between Jieun and me when it comes to travel. I’m all about, you know, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. I like the local stuff, the stuff you don’t see here. Jieun finds comfort in familiarity. Like, she was excited at seeing the Gap in France. Le Gap? I dunno if we’re like that with all things, but at least as far as travel goes.

Anyway, what I loved most about Paris was the food. I think my two favorite cuisines are Japanese, then French. Jieun and I were actually figuring out our top 5 rankings. Mine’s constantly in flux, but I think it’s Japanese, French, Korean, Thai, then Chinese. Maybe Italian over Chinese. Or American.

SN. We also discussed whether there’s such thing as “American” cuisine. I said yes. Not in America, where it’s just, I dunno, food, but I imagined that in other countries, there must be “American” restaurants like we have Mexican restaurants, right? They don’t have “Mexican” restaurants in Mexico, just restaurants. Jieun said there’s no such thing as American cuisine period. So in England, we asked someone random if there’s a thing as American food, and they had no idea what I was talking about. Fast food could be American, they guessed. So, I guess I’m wrong, but that’s odd to me. Anyway, I’d put barbecue, whatever “cuisine” that is, as one of my top ones.

Anyway, what I like about both French and Japanese food is they pay attention to detail. I was amazed in France that it didn’t matter where we went, even cheapo places, the food was good. Like that sidewalk crepe Jieun posted a picture of, cheap and delicious. We went to a random Denny’s like place and I got a Croque Madame and it was shockingly delicious. A delicious ham and cheese sandwich with a fried egg on top. Cheap, good stuff. And of course the more expensive food was great.

I love getting pizza in different places also. It’s just interesting peoples’ takes on pizza. Like the one summer I was in Korea, I liked how they use corn. I dunno, it’s interesting and different. In France, I got the first pizza listed under “classic” pizzas on the menu. It came with chopped beef, dollops of goat cheese, some type of green vegetable, and an egg, sunny side up, right in the middle. Surprisingly delicious.

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