When I have kids, I’m not introducing them to “good” food pretty much ever. I want it to be like it was for me when I was growing up. Denny’s is a treat, Sizzler even more special, and Red Lobster a rare treasure. There’s no way I’m letting them develop expensive tastes for stuff like sushi when they’re young. I’ll let them discover it themselves in college. I read on the web about parents who take their kids to places like Masa’s and French Laundry. That’s absolutely ridiculous to me.

Have you read Fast Food Nation? So one thing fast food places do is advertise really heavily to kids in such a way that when you grow up, when you think of these places, you feel nostalgia and it makes you want to go there, kind of take you back to your childhood in a way. Just associating fast food with good childhood feelings. It’s true for me. I think of McDonald’s breakfast as being a post soccer game Saturday morning treat, and I get nostalgic for a Sausage McMuffin with Egg and hash browns even today. It’s fairly sinister.

So Jieun wants that for our kids, we don’t treat McDonald’s as being a treat. I have no idea how we’re going to pull that off. “Darn, we have to eat at McDonald’s. Sorry kids.” Will that work? I dunno. But yeah, we must break the cycle of fast food nostalgia. I dunno.

As a side note, it seems like the men of Baylight end up going to the Boardwalk a decent amount, but for my money, I like St. John’s Bar and Grill on Lawrence a whole lot better. Better food, and their daily specials can be a pretty good deal. I’m a fan.

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