We watched Human Nature last weekend. Interesting movie. You would never believe it’s from the same writer and director of Eternal Sunshine. The movies are totally different in tone and look.

A brief synopsis without giving any plot details away. Involves a guy raised in a rigid environment who grows up to be a scientist who devotes his time to teaching mice table manners. Dates a woman who has a condition that gives her copious amounts of body hair all over, which she regularly electrolyzes and shaves. Has a French lab assistant, they collectively train a man who’s been raised in the woods by his father as an ape.

I dunno, it’s absurd, but maybe you can see some of the questions being asked, namely, are we just at heart animals who want sex that mask what we really are by covering ourselves up with culture? Whether that culture is social grace, French, body hair removal or whatever? Is culture just the covering up of our animal nature? What is human nature? I dunno, interesting ideas.

Wasn’t the best movie in the world, but it’s definitely interesting. I think I’m a Charlie Kaufman fan. His scripts are all thought provoking, which is highly unusual nowadays. Of the ones I’ve seen, I’d rank them (from most to least liked) Adaptation, Eternal Sunshine, Being John Malkovich, then Human Nature. As if anyone cares.

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