Did anyone else catch Wheel this week? College Week. I saw the tail end of the Bay Area match and a girl from Stanford beat out another girl from USF and this totally nerdy Asian guy from Cal. That was satisfying. She won a car also. Go Stanford education! Who would have thought that reading and writing would pay off?

So truth be told, Jieun and I are not naturally clean people. I think our place is tidy enough and relatively clean, but I wouldn’t say it comes naturally to us, it’s like a constant battle against our slob nature. OK, my slob nature much more than Jieun’s, but you know, we’re Biblically one, so.

We’re nowhere near as bad as Eric’s place though. Talk about ghetto. You have to hear him talk about their insect situation sometime. They had a problem with it for a while, but it eventually tapered off. His theory is that the insect population grew like crazy, until they grew so numerous that they started attacking each other, until they reached what they have now, an uneasy insect peace. Disturbing.

Speaking of disturbing, we went to a Mexican restaurant last night and there was a single restroom, shared by employees and customers. I went, and there were no paper towels. That disturbs me. I mean, if you’re washing your hands, you notice right away that there are no paper towels, so you’d replace them quick, right? If no one noticed, I guess no one’s washing their hands. Authentic Mexican food.

Also speaking of disturbing, check out this apartment. Ick.

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