Whoa. I just got a 90 on expert in Minesweeper. Yes, I still play Minesweeper. I know it’s sad. What’s sadder is how happy I am right now. You don’t understand how unattainable I thought this was. I feel like giving a victory speech. I’d like to thank the Academy and all the little people who made this possible.

At work we had a pizza/drink tasting. A combination blind taste test and a contest to see who could correctly identify the most pizzas/drinks. One interesting result, Sunnyvale municipal water got higher taste marks than Dasani. Dasani sucks. Anyway, I got 2nd place on the pizza tasting and honestly I’m pissed at myself that I didn’t do better. I know nothing about wine or chocolate or whatever but I know my pizza.

My top pizza rankings for the Bay Area: Zachary’s, Pizza Chicago, Amici’s, Pizza Antica, Applewood. Although I’m not as big an Applewood fan as other people.

I have no idea why I have a maniacal need to rank everything. Actually, I kinda do. In cognitive psych (a great class) we learned that people intuitively see patterns in the world where there are none. Like, see trends that aren’t really there, group things together that have no natural grouping, stuff like that. Even constellations are kind of like this, creating patterns where there are none. I think it’s a way of making sense of what’s actually chaotic, maybe to give a feeling of control.

This is all just out of my butt, but I think that’s key for males, a feeling of control. That’s why we make lists, to give order to an unstructured world, and are into stuff like video games and sports, where rules are clearly defined and there’s order to chaos. If we can order and define things, we’re more in control. People in sports are even more susceptible to this pattern finding thing, so they’s extremely superstitious or believe in things like clutch hitting (statistically, there’s no such thing) or whatever.

Women I think don’t need this as much. So they’re less into lists, less into sports, stuff like that. Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s my guess. I’m guessing it’s because historically women were the primary childwatchers so they know that chaos is the way of the universe.

I dunno, I’m still into my Matrix Reloaded control is an illusion and a spiritual hindrance thing but this bores everyone but me, so whatever.

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