Bob Hope Airport in Burbank is perhaps the most ghetto airport I’ve been to in the U.S. The baggage claim is outdoors. What on earth.

There are two things I actually like a lot about L.A. One is the food. It’s the best place I think for the Chili’s type price range. Oddly, most people say the Bay Area is way better for high end restaurants; friends that have moved down are shocked at how few good ones there are there. But like, that cheap to medium range, it’s great. Minho took me to Thai BBQ and Versailles and I loved it. Nothing like that for that price up here. Jieun’s made me a fan of Corner Place. In general, I love the Korean food down there. So yeah, good food.

Also the people. Dave said this before, but it’s true, whatever we may say about “L.A. people”, when it comes down to it, the people I actually know well I really like a lot, pretty much without exception. So yeah, spending time with people there is always a blessing.

But I still can’t get over how insular L.A. seems. Like, a lot of weddings we’ve been to there, they don’t have like out of town guest information or special hotel rates or anything. It’s pointless, because virtually everyone coming is from SoCal. We went to one this weekend and people made a big deal about how we came such a far far way. Uh, it’s a 1 hour flight. I dunno, it’s just odd.

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