Is this bad? With things like tsunami relief, I kind of prefer giving to non-Christian organizations. Just, and maybe this isn’t as accurate anymore, but was a time lots of Christian organizations got poor ratings in terms of how much money given was actually used in direct relief, as opposed to overhead and other costs. I stick with the Red Cross, because they always get high marks and have for a while. Plus my company matches all donations to Red Cross. Seems the best place to give.

SN. In the latest Newsweek, the Red Cross got an A for how effectively they use funds for relief (91% of money given is spent on program services). World Emergency Relief, a Christian group, got an F (31%-56%). Sad.

SSN. 157,000 dead people in the tsunamis is a lot. And stuff like this happens more frequently than I realized. Did you know 138,000 people died in a tsunami in Bangladesh in 1991? 242,000 people died in an earthquake in Tangshan, China in 1976. And between 1995 and 1998, 3.5 million people died due to famine and floods in North Korea. 3.5 million! That’s insane.