You might have seen that 49ers video that’s going around. Is this bad of me? I found that Asian “racist” stuff amusing. Course and classless, but I was amused.

My question is this. When is it OK for minorities to make fun of themselves? It seems like this is never allowed, and I don’t get that. Caucasians can make fun of their stereotypes. Like the movie White Men Can’t Jump. Or you see things all the time about how white people have no rhythm or whatever. They can do that, and do it all the time.

Minorities can’t. Like, even if you’re Asian, you can’t make a movie called Yellow Men Are Nerds. Everyone will get on your case about how you’re playing into Asian stereotypes and being irresponsible in your portrayal of Asians.

This feels wrong to me. Doesn’t minority rights mean having the same rights and priviliges as the majority? So shouldn’t the right of minorities to make fun of their own stereotypes be a goal? Why is this not allowed or considered a bad thing?

But what do I know. Nothing.

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